17 Oct 2010

Ridge (Final, for now)

Intro added, going back to the original idea of rolling, interacting arpeggiators as the base for the piece.

  Ridge by pethu

The warm, bubbly, squishy bass is provided by the newly resurrected Arturia ARP 2600 V2. (A bug fix just made it useable on my system again, after a year in hiatus.)

The (hardware) ARP 2600 was one of the true analogue classic behemoths, a rival to the Moog modular synthesizers back in the day...

Lots may still happen to this song before the presses roll, but for now I'm out of ideas and will concentrate on the final parts of the album.


  1. I think you should write musice for movies, this one makes me see//think all kinds of things

  2. This is very interesting. I can't quite put my finger on what it reminds me of. I think Sandra is right in her comment. I know you get tired of hearing this, but the BACKGROUND sounds Alan Parsons influenced!!