10 Oct 2010

Ridge (First Draft)

Here's some background music you can listen to while viewing the CD back cover. (A beginning and an end is yet to be created.)

  Ridge by pethu

"Ridge"started out as nothing more than a set of keywords: "Flowing", "airy" and also "slightly hypnotic". That it happened to end up as "Andreas Vollenweider meets Bob Marley" was not a part of any cunning plan!

The current harp track is a one-take live synth recordning, with four improvised parts in between the main theme repetitions. As usual, I was not fully pleased with the results at first but may end up using most of it any way. In that case, I'll only fix some missing notes and delete some "stray" ones. Experience has taught me this often creates just the extra breathing space space the listener needs, because my improvised solos tend to be too dense to begin with anyway.

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