13 Apr 2011

On to the Next One!

Feeling a bit fed up with programmatic music, yet weirdly enough still fond of "concept" albums, for the next one I have come up with a concept so abstract it doesn't really put any restrictions on the music it can contain nor put specific images in the head of the listener. Or so I hope.

So, the next album will be called "Concurrences", and each piece will simply be named "Concurrence #n".

Note: That's "concurrence", not "concurrency". Amongst other things, it's a term used in quantum computing, and has to do with, errr, very roughly speaking, simultaneously occuring states or events. (By the way, "very roughly speaking" is the only way I and 99.9999% of the rest of the world's population CAN speak of quantum computing and quantum theory I'm afraid. However, that doesn't stop my favourite author Terry Pratchett from constantly referring to various odd events as "probably quantum"...)

Other things I'd like to strive for are seriously long pieces of music with great fluidity and lots of transitions. The snippet of Concurrence #1 here is just the first part of something substantially longer!

  Concurrence #1 by pethu