18 Sep 2010

Recreational Bug Fixing

After a hectic week, I was looking forward to adding a few more seconds of new music today. However, plans were quickly derailed as a member of the public had spotted a weakness in my own "flagship" software synthesizer, the Hahaha CS33 V2:

A reasonable work-around for the problem meant actually adding a new feature to the synth, so that's Saturday over and done with. Oh well... "Business comes first", as the saying goes. (Only it's not a business, 'cause the synth is freeware!)

11 Sep 2010

A Little More...

Continuing from yesterday.

The four-bar intro has doubled in size and yielded its natural follow-up. It so lovely I wanted you to hear it straight away!

A Little More... by pethu

It's so lovely, in fact, I feel I have probably stolen most if not all of it. (Not all from the same place, I hope!)

Then again, we're right in the middle of orchestrated British folk music here, so if I stole it, it was probably from someone else who stole it from someone who stole it... and so on, back before the Romans.

The flute part has all the right ingredients to be repeated as the end of the song. The question is what will come in between. I need at least another 8 bars of melody before I can start "cheating" using mostly variations and repetitions of what's already there...

10 Sep 2010

A Good Beginning...

OK, here's a new approach: Instead of waiting for a track to be almost finished before blogging, here's the first few seconds of one that I've hardly started on!

  A Good Beginning by pethu

I'm going for something orchestral and strongly reminiscent of a theme for some TV series set in the English countryside here. Not any particular existing theme, just something light-hearted and classical. In those circumstances, you shouldn't be able to go far wrong with a string quintet and a couple of woodwinds as a base.

The first five seconds above seems like a good start. Where it will go from here, no-one knows!

4 Sep 2010

The Passing of Clouds, Part 2

...21 or 22 years on from Part 1— the same, but very different (and that goes for me as well, I guess):

  The Passing of Clouds, Part 2 by pethu

Cue apprehensive mode: Will the clouds stay on the horizon, or will you shortly get very wet?

This one falls somewhere between (and it's a big gap!) Yello and Kevin Peek's works for Sky, I think.