4 Sep 2010

The Passing of Clouds, Part 2

...21 or 22 years on from Part 1— the same, but very different (and that goes for me as well, I guess):

  The Passing of Clouds, Part 2 by pethu

Cue apprehensive mode: Will the clouds stay on the horizon, or will you shortly get very wet?

This one falls somewhere between (and it's a big gap!) Yello and Kevin Peek's works for Sky, I think.


  1. Again, the Alan Parsons Band! Tales Of Myetery And Imagination!! And just as good, love it! Were they a big influence? I also hear just some real subtle Pink Floyd! But that's just me, music is so interpretive. Keep posting, sometimes you are gone so long, i wonder...

  2. Thanks!

    Influences and what one actually sounds like, there's an entire post in that subject alone I think. Most likely coming to this blog really soon...

    Lots of stuff have been happening lately, I can only hope that posting will be more frequent in the future. Then again, as long as it largely depends on when and how musical inspiration strikes, this will probably never be a super-regular blog!

  3. it is different, i am more partial to Number 1.