11 Sep 2010

A Little More...

Continuing from yesterday.

The four-bar intro has doubled in size and yielded its natural follow-up. It so lovely I wanted you to hear it straight away!

A Little More... by pethu

It's so lovely, in fact, I feel I have probably stolen most if not all of it. (Not all from the same place, I hope!)

Then again, we're right in the middle of orchestrated British folk music here, so if I stole it, it was probably from someone else who stole it from someone who stole it... and so on, back before the Romans.

The flute part has all the right ingredients to be repeated as the end of the song. The question is what will come in between. I need at least another 8 bars of melody before I can start "cheating" using mostly variations and repetitions of what's already there...

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  1. This is so much fun and so exciting, watching and hearing you write the music, and seeing your thought process along the way. As I listened to this, I actually saw a large ballrom,and a coming out party where they were dancing the minuet!! Someone has been smacked with a glove and ordered to chose his seconds for a duel. I guess I have watched and read entirely too much odf this stuff!