10 Sep 2010

A Good Beginning...

OK, here's a new approach: Instead of waiting for a track to be almost finished before blogging, here's the first few seconds of one that I've hardly started on!

  A Good Beginning by pethu

I'm going for something orchestral and strongly reminiscent of a theme for some TV series set in the English countryside here. Not any particular existing theme, just something light-hearted and classical. In those circumstances, you shouldn't be able to go far wrong with a string quintet and a couple of woodwinds as a base.

The first five seconds above seems like a good start. Where it will go from here, no-one knows!


  1. It does, it does!! It sounds JUST like one of those British shows!! Well done!! Now I want to watch PBS!

  2. it is really lighthearted, i like it a lot, can't wait to hear the rest of it.