15 Oct 2010

Studio Corner, Version 2.0

This week, I have thoroughly re-organised my computer/studio corner for the first  time in over ten years. (You know it's time to do something when the cables and devices you pick up off the floor plug into computer ports that don't even exist on modern computers anymore!)

Thanks to two new drawer units from the local IKEA, my main piano keyboard (right) is at the proper playing height for the first time ever. I had it on top of a large desk before, which was way too high. Also, it's all on casters now so it's easy to move away from the window for cleaning and access to wall sockets.

The Tapco S-5 nearfield monitors have moved from the window to above the computer screens, so no more swivelling back and forth when mixing, I hope.

All computer-related stuff is now powered by a master/slave power strip, which means that when I turn the computer on, everything else automatically powers up as well.

The two keyboards beneath the monitors are not there all the time -- they're on a custom-built stand which kan easily be dismantled and put away when foin other computer stuff.

I hope to re-inaugurate it all by completing "Ridge" this weekend!


  1. Yes, a private look into your studio. I must say that it is extremly neat for someone so very talented, as it sometimes seems that the more talented a person is, the more messy they are. Now I can imagine you in there when I listen to your songs!

  2. thanks for the peak at your stuido. now we know where the music begins, there and in your head and mind.