3 Oct 2010

That'll Do, Says the Gnome

Two more weeks gone by, just like that. (I spend my working weeks managing/servicing/fighting computers for the elderly and health care services in a small municipality, and I'm usually rather weary of them — the computers, that is — come Friday. Besides which, if I'm lucky I have just about enough creative spark left to open a milk carton...)

Anyhow, me and my gnome have decided that this small classical piece is more or less finished now. A mid section, a harpsichord and some judicious tempo changes throughout has been added since last we spoke:

Manor Park by pethu

Perhaps I should explain about the gnome. Yes? Right. He is a small, musical, supervisory entity that lives inside my head and looks at the bigger picture when I try to piece something together.

For example, while working on this piece I thought to myself that it could be a good starting point from which to experiment with longer classical-style pieces. All I have done in this line is short one-offs, and it would be really interesting to se for how long I could "milk" a simple theme in the classical fashion. 5 minutes? 10? Concerto? Symphony?

Luckily, the gnome was here to tell me that the current album project is SO not the place to do it. I can't even drag it out to a "normal" 2- or 3-minute piece if I want to keep any semblance of continuity to the album. It's only purpose in this context is to provide some contrast and prevent things from getting too samey. (For shock value, you'd be tempted to say, although "shock" is really the least appropriate word imaginable. If anything, it's more like a bit of "anti-shock" thrown in for good measure!)

Manor Park... is probably a park around a manor. Or, the way this album is going, it could just as well be a railway station with a rather nice Victorian entrance. You decide!


  1. I can see dancers with the ladies in long skirts and the men in suits twirling and watzing when I listen to this one. you must have a good gnome in your head.

  2. Stately music that would be great on P.B.S. as the music for one of their English period pieces, like Jane Austin. I still see them all in a ballroom doing not the waltz, but the minuet. You are a computer tech for a living? Oh, everyone is fighting over them and wants a good one to fix their computers! a valuable skill, indeed!

  3. I'm getting an Amazing Blondel feeling from this... (For readers who haven't heard of them, look them up in Wikipedia. An English 'acoustic progressive folk band' from the 1970s.) Which means, of course, that I like it!