13 Nov 2010

Still Here! (+ some 70s style TV music)

Well, it's been nearly a month without music now, but there are some reasons for that. Here's some old music to listen to while you read!

  Anyone Can Play by pethu

Firstly, I'm coming up on the final piece of the lot and for a long time I've only known two things for sure about it: It'd better be long, and it'd better be very very good. Not enough to start beavering away, really.

Secondly, I have two projects to finish before Christmas, and Trek is only one of them. The other is version 2.0 of my extensive computer solitaire collection SoliLuxe. (But don't click the "buy" button, 'cause this version won't exist for probably a couple of weeks yet! Everything online still points to the completely free 1.4 version.) If all goes to plan, there will be a CD version of the game in addition to a downloadable one that contains at least part of Trek as the sound track.

I've used my cinematic music style for games before, and you're currently (probably) listening to some examples from this recreation of a 1973 pinball game called OXO.

Club OXO by pethu

These are short soundtracks intended to be looped while playing the game, and pure 1973-style T.V./movie music: the ubiquitous rolling congas from every 70's cop show chase scene ever, and the wild and crazy jazz flute that was a must for every "packed nightclub" scene featuring a soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin or Henry Mancini!

Anyway, back to Trek: I might finally have come up with a kind of synthesizer "sound idea" to build upon, so perhaps the final piece will start to slowly creep its way towards completion. It'd better — Christmas i just six weeks away!

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  1. Gosh, you've been gone a long time! Glad to see you're still around and blogging! And yes, that second one sounds just like the cop chase shows!! I'm thinking Starsky And hutch! So you design video games as well?