26 Nov 2010

Sea And Beyond, Part 1 (Partly)

The final piece for Trek is finally underway! This is reaching the seashore from land, and starting to dream of what lies at the other end of a journey a thousand times longer...

Sea And Beyond, Part 1 by pethu

This time around, I did something I've come to do more and more often when composing: Not thinking much about melody or rhythms, but instead thinking of moods and sounds. Here the basis is a drum group of mainly taikos, but also djembes and tabla, along with some wishy-washy "sea chords". Whether this will build up into more of a majestic orchestral rock piece towards the end or continue more or less in the current vein, I have no idea as of yet.

Anyway, it's the kind of a start I feel confident I can build on.

Leaving you for now with with a truly compelling argument for software synthesizers:

(By the way — I won't leave here without my entire collection of Simon Pegg sketches!)


  1. This video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life!! We laughed do hard that we had a coughing fit. I've never heard of this person, but I'll be looking up more on YouTube! Your final piece sounds like good sea travel music!

  2. Hi -

    I was tring to contact you and saw no email address to do so. And this being the last day my internet connect point will be up for a few months (they are moving the location).

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for the Minim and Maxim mixers you created. I was having a problem with Mikesbord on my XP system with my vst hosts and discovered your mixers work great.

    I am using them in LiveProfessor by ifoundsound.

    Anyhow - i just wanted to say thankyou before loosing connection.

    I found the Minim a tad small rez wise on my 1920 HD monitor but the Maxim Mixer much better.

    I hope you'll continue to support it as i posted a link on the ifoundsound site for vst that work with Live Proffessor...

    You should post these mixers on KVR Audio as well.

    again - thanx a bunch.
    Keep making music
    see you when i get back on the net in a few months.

    chase canadé