28 Jul 2010

Uphill: Live and Fake!

Here's the final already finished, "off-the-shelf" piece for the Trek album. From now on, I'll have to become creative again. Ouch!

  Uphill by pethu 

This one has more of a "live combo" feel to it compared to previously published pieces, basically because it is slightly more live - but not much. In fact, the only authentic thing in here is my pretty Epiphone Les Paul:
However, the amp it runs through is a just a Fender Twin emulation inside the computer:

Moving on, the piano part that the entire piece is built around is played in real time by me on an S. Erard 1922 Half Grand Piano:
However, I'm not using a physical piano here and not even a sampled one. No, the Erard has been recreated as a pure mathematical model in the amazing Modartt Pianoteq software, so what you are hearing are — maths. Sounding very, very much like a piano.

Finally, the drums are sampled but neither played nor fully programmed by me. Instead, they are played by an artificial brain inside the Rayzoon Jamstix drummer software. When given a basic pattern to play, this "robot drummer" then tries to recreate all the little embellishments and imperfections of a real drummer — in fact, one has a choice of several artificial drummer personalities to spice up the rhythm!


  1. I sort of felt like a need to stop and catch my breath a couple of times... Steep hill!

    Now can you musically describe the view from the top??

  2. At the moment, I think the Field is up there, but that may change as more songs are added. I'll try to keep the song list on the right hand side of the page in currently favoured track order...

  3. could have fooled me, sounds just like a piano. v ery nice

  4. Well, at first I thought all these things belonged to you! That is a beautiful piano! So you do own the Les Paul? Hmmm, a drum machine trying to be more human, very interesting! The music today does sound like an improv session at a jazz club.