21 Jul 2010

In Deep Shade

...is a good place to be over here right now, especially if you're a dog like my flatmate Harry:

Please don't think I've begun producing new music at a breakneck pace all of a sudden; this is another one I prepared earlier, as the TV chefs say. If it happens to be equally hot where you are, I hope it can offer some cool- and wetness.

(Nice Touch of the Day: The small, tuned gongs coming into play at about 1:33!)

  02 In Deep Shade by pethu


  1. first i want to say your flatmate is a doll baby, I would like to hug harry. I am listening while i type and this one is very good. you have a gift for music, keep creating.

  2. Harry is adorable! How old is he and what breed? I love this music, too! Yes, it is almost dark, makes me think of the Druids. But I think good music conjures up images in your head immediatly, don't you? Just like with most art, no reaction or vision is not good.

  3. Good picture of Harry!
    The music gives me a sort of approaching thunderstorm feeling. Or maybe that's because we did have thunder yesterday and a humid, steamy kind of night and morning to follow...

  4. Well, I must be doing something right... I often say the only word to describe my music is "cinematographic", so I'm glad images are popping up in people's heads! (It's even more fascinating when they don't coincide with your own.)

    @Ginny: Harry is a Cairn Terrier, 7 1/2 years old. His full name is Harry Potter, but only because of the kids at the kennel. My sister had nothing to do with it!

    (The most famous Cairn Terrier ever is, of course, Dorothy's Toto in The Wizard of Oz: Another little fascinating fact for you!)