11 Jul 2010


Well, that was fun (as in "not much"): I spent the evening re-organizing sound samples from 230 different ethnic percussion instruments to make them easier to play as instruments in my main sample player.

As a result, I have this to add to the "interesting facts" section. Here's your chance to claim superiority over most other people through your knowledge of what a kkwenggwari (or koeagkari) actually sounds like. Just don't ask me what it looks like. Or where it comes from. Or how you play it. The only thing certain is that it's metallic in origin:

Kkwenggwari (Koeagkari) by pethu

There you go! Ain't I just too educational for words? :)


  1. i can't hear it but it might be my problem, my computer is doing strange things. i will try it again in a little while. now i want to hear what it sounds like.

  2. i came back and it played for me. strange sound to me, i have never heard the sound or the name of it.

  3. It must be some sort of cross between a cymbal and gong, I think.

    The problem with many of these ethnic instruments is that they often go by half a dozen different names, and an infinite number of different spellings! Finding something out through web searches becomes very much a hit-and-miss affair under those circumstances. :/

  4. Yipes, never heard of this, but it sounds like some kind of timbale or something.