7 Jul 2010

Iron Artery

More about everything later! Here's a first piece of hot-off-the-digital-audio-workstation music, presented to you courtesy of the excellent Soundcloud service. Note that you can download a higher-quality version by clicking the small arrow icon on the right hand side of the Soundcloud player below.

Iron Artery by pethu

This is a fairly complete piece from my work-in-progress album "Trek" (as in "hiking boots", not the celestial on-screen pointy ears type!). It might still be a bit too bass-heavy, I think. Also, the electric guitar part in the middle will possibly be replaced by a real live guitar in the final version. (It's about time I got some more use out of my sadly neglected Epiphone Les Paul.)

As I hope you'll be able to hear, the "iron artery" is a railway cutting through the landscape, living its life at a radically different pace than, and disconnected from, its surroundings.

P.S. This is my first post in my first blog ever, and I have no clue what the heck I'm doing. Please bear with me as the design inevitably changes over the coming weeks!

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