24 Jul 2010


  Field by pethu

Here's a mostly ambient piece where almost all melodic and some of the rhythmic content is generated by a single patch programmed on the Moog Modular V 2, a virtual synth beast emulating the gigantic modular synthesizers of the late 60's / early 70's. You even have to drag patch cords between the modules, just like the real thing! (Interesting Facts Department: Hence the term "patch", nowadays used for any type of sound preset on an electronic instrument.)

Anyway —  this is likely to mess with your head a bit the first couple of times you listen to it due to the lack of traditional melody, so apologies for that. Also, the first piece of mine incorporating the sound of a marxophone. Also, the first piece to incorporate the sound of a tractor.

In case you absolutely hate it, here's a piccie of Harry as a puppy to make up for it:


  1. Technical details as usual pass me by, but yes I can imagine the music as a soundtrack with a slide show of nature pictures.

  2. I'm loving your cute doggie pictures! And I really liked learning what patch meant!! But I've never heard of a marxophone, what is it? And why haven't I heard about it? Can you buy them?

  3. Ah, you haven't discovered the Magic Clickable Words! Just click on the word "marxophone", or anything else that glows red...

  4. all those big words went right over my head. I am so glad you included the puppy pic. so cute