8 Aug 2010

Obscure Inspirations #1

"Obscure" can mean two things here: 1, obscure as in "you might not have seen that one coming", or 2, obscure as in "chances are you haven't heard of this before, especially if you live across the pond".

Between the definitions, I probably have quite a lot of my sources of inspiration covered. Particularly so because much of what I listen to most actually doesn't show up very much at all in my own music, so there is some distinction between "inspiration" and "favourites" in my case!

Anyway, on with it. Here's a piece of music that's lodged in the spine of every Swede, at least in those over 40 or so  (The title "Brusa högre, lilla å" roughly translates to "Sing louder, little stream".)

Recorded at a church concert in December 2009. The composer Björn J:son Lindh is at the synthesizer, and one of the world's most awesome guitarists Janne Schaffer is playing the... well.

I can't say I have actively followed Lindhs career or bought everything he ever made, this is more of a common heritage thing as I said. And if you had to pick one modern instrumental piece that embodies the Nordic mood and spirit, this particular one would be it.

As for Janne Schaffer, he's one of the musicians that often stay in the background; only after some research do you find that he has, in fact, been part of the background of pretty much everything for the last 40 years. This will be proven when he returns in next two posts as well. Wait for it!

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