15 Aug 2010

Normal Service Will Be Resumed...

To cut a short story as short as possible:

Computer virus.
System re-install.

Almost everything is back online now with no more harm done than additional strain on my already overworked right hand and arm.

Anyway, I have finally got the message and invested in disk imaging software to back my entire system partition up — the next time something like this happens, I should have most things running again in a matter of hours instead of days.

Now I'm going to rest that arm for a bit, then we'll see what happens next!


  1. oh my, I hd that happened 3 months ago and i feel your pain

  2. I'd been wondering why you hadn't posted in quite a while. Did you have a good anti-virus system? How did it happen?

  3. Infection through a rogue website, probably while googling for information about something as innocent as a graphics card. AVG antivirus picked up on the infection soon enough, but it started shutting down the computer faster than the antivirus could scan the machine to get rid of it. I could probably have saved the day by using an off-line virus killer, but I realized I had had the same Windows installation going for far too long anyway, and took the opportunity to test my backups instead... :)